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Free “Talk Like Shakespeare” Day – April 23

April 23, 2011 by  

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To recognize the April 23rd anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, the website Talk Like Shakespeare invites you to join in the celebration of the world’s most famous dramatist on his 447th birthday and to honor the Bard’s legacy using his own finely crafted vernacular. After all, this impressive man penned a staggering 38 plays and 154 sonnets.   Today we can all show our appreciation for Shakespeare’s work—just remember to have fun and Talk Like Shakespeare!the Chicago Shakespeare Theater has named April 23, 2011, Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn even issued a state proclamation for the Tony Award-winning theater company.

To get ye started, the website offers these guidelines:

  1. Instead of you, say thou or thee(and instead of y’all,say ye).
  2. Rhymed couplets are all the rage.
  3. Men are Sirrah, ladies are Mistress, and your friends are all called Cousin.
  4. Instead of cursing, try calling your tormenters jackanapes or canker-blossoms or poisonous bunch-back’d toads.
  5. Don’t waste time saying “it,” just use the letter “t” (’tis, t’will, I’ll do’t).
  6. Verse for lovers, prose for ruffians, songs for clowns.
  7. When in doubt, add the letters “eth” to the end of verbs (he runneth, he trippeth, he falleth).
  8. To add weight to your opinions, try starting them with methinks, mayhaps, in sooth or wherefore.
  9. When wooing ladies: try comparing her to a summer’s day. If that fails, say “Get thee to a nunnery!”
  10. When wooing lads: try dressing up like a man. If that fails, throw him in the Tower, banish his friends and claim the throne.

CLICK HERE FOR THE Talk Like Shakespeare Day WEBSITE

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