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James Bond Fans – Free Spy Kit This Weekend

November 17, 2012 by  

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Are you all excited after seeing the world’s best spy, James Bond in action in Skyfall?  Why not spend some time this weekend and build your spy kit?    Lifehacker helps with some great ideas… Earlier this week they posted a spy pen that doubles as a video and still camera, but that’s not the only secret gadget you can employ. If you don’t want your message to stick, use this disappearing ink pen. Want to hide your data? Try this USB flash drive lighter. To keep your identity safe, whether you’re spying or not, an RFID-blocking wallet (or, at least, a passport protector) is a good buy. Hide your valuables in plain sight with a book vault. See behind your with these rearview sunglasses.


Hide money in a battery. Hide your data on a microSD card and inside of a coin. You don’t have to buy anything, either. Plenty of your existing gear can become spy gear. Create a secret compartment in your hat to hide your valuables. Make a safe out of a wall outlet or avoid buying a book safe and just make one. Need to conceal your smartphone? Hide it in a book, too! Pretty much any everyday object can be upgrade to spy status, so get creative with what you’ve got and see what you can hide inside.


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